Windows 10 Upgrade Alert about Microsoft Problems

Microsoft recently recommended big improvements to Windows 10 updates, but this does not help here and now, particularly after a rotten sequence of bad updates. Microsoft advised now that you need to be warning again.

Source : Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic

Microsoft picked up by Windows Latest, has reported that its “recent final design” for Windows 10 May 2020 is ready, but is about to ship with some known issues.

The company notes that Windows 10 customers will consider Windows Mixed Reality, an Interactive and Augmented Reality app with over 2,500 games and VR apps, ‘may not work for certain people’ after the upgrade. In addition, the DISM (Deployment Picture Maintenance and Management) Device has issues with not disclosing the appropriate status while fixing machine corruption and in certain specific situations, it has issues with text entry.

The good news is that Microsoft has worked on reparations, and unsurprisingly, it prioritises “which we hope to release in early May” fixes for Windows Mixed Reality. Nevertheless, Microsoft will continue to upload the Windows 10 May 2020 update and everyone who checks the updates (settings > Update & Safety > Windows update) will receive it.

What’s the May 2020 update? It mainly updates and patches (apart from Microsoft realizing it breaks), as well as enhancements to the Linux Windows Kernel and technical changes to the user interfaces in the Settings and Task Manager. So yeah, it’s not relevant, and I would encourage mainstream users to keep away.

Microsoft intends (overdue) to boost Windows 10 maintenance, but the recent passing of one billion installs on the app will make it prudent for the vast majority of users to stay conservative.

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