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India Witnessed Cyber Attacks Spike Amidst Covid-19-Here ‘s Why?

It turns out that the COVID-19 outreach is not only a health , social and economic danger, but also a cybersecurity crisis. In the fields of remote communication and business… Read more

A Password Reset Self-Service Project can be a fast win for IT

As a result of the global pandemic and the transition to a predominantly remote workforce, IT employees of companies have faced various challenges and an increased workload since the beginning… Read more webp to jpg 1

This faulty WordPress plugin could allow hackers to wipe your website

Plugin flaws placed more than 200,000 websites at risk of attack Researchers have found two significant bugs in the WordPress PageLayer Plugin that could allow hackers to hijack websites using… Read more
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WordPress Sites Under Constant Attack

WordPress sites pages suffer 30 times more attacks than average, as Defiant reports. Attack attempts have been made on more than 900,000 websites since 28 April 2020. What is happening?… Read more

TrickBot Mobile App Bypasses 2‐Factor Authentication for Net Banking Services

A new android app has been developed by the malware authors behind TrickBot Banking Trojan that intercepts once authorisation codes sent to internet banking customers via SMS or fairly stable… Read more
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New Android Malware Steals Banking Passwords, Private Data, and Keystrokes

A new form of mobile banking malware has been discovered that exploits the accessibility features of Android to exfiltrate confidential data from financial apps, read consumer SMS messages and hijack… Read more

Apple Downplays Threat Posed by Newly Disclosed Zero-Days in iOS

Bugs do not pose an instantaneous risk, and there’s no proof they had been exploited, as ZecOps claimed earlier this week, Apple says. Apple is difficult the reported severity of two zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS that safety agency ZecOps disclosed earlier this week. ZecOps… Read more
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Malicious USB Drives Infect 35,000 Computer systems With Crypto-Mining Botnet

Cybersecurity researchers from ESET on Thursday stated they took down a portion of a malware botnet comprising at the least 35,000 compromised Home windows techniques that attackers had been secretly utilizing to mine Monero cryptocurrency. The botnet, named “VictoryGate,” has been energetic since Might 2019,… Read more