What is the new PUBG Mobile Season 13, 0.18.0 update K/D system?

  • New PUBG Mobile K / D ratio system fully explained with examples.
  • The new K / D system will be implemented in the game on Season 13.
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PUBG Mobile New K/D system; image credits: Spyder Gaming

PUBG Mobile Season 13 began, and the brand-new season introduced some new changes. As a new Royale Pass launched, developers have introduced a significant change to PUBG Mobile’s K / D ratio scheme.

Starting in Season 13, PUBG Mobile officials modified algorithms to determine the player’s K / D ratio. The exact explanation for this change was also discussed later in this report.

But first, let’s look at how the latest method can measure K / D ratio.

Old K/D ratio system vs. New K/D ratio system

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Image via: Quora

Old system K / D ratio:

Before the season 13 update, the death-to-death ratio (K / D) was calculated by dividing the total number of deaths by the total number.

For example, if the player has a KD ratio 6 and he gets 2 kills victory in his previous match, his K / D would definitely increase by a few points.

Consequently, the players camped a lot to get the Chicken Dinner. Eventually, players who love to play aggressively had a huge impediment.

New K / D ratio system: but the latest system just released in Season 13 update isn’t the same. In PUBG Mobile’s latest K / D system, calculations are made based on total number of kills in each match.

Let’s consider, for example, that a player’s K/D ratio is 6 and he took 3 kills in his previous match and survived till end. Now in this scenario, the player’s K / D ratio would decline because the player has fewer kills than his real K / D ratio.

Simply put, if you want to keep a 10 K / D ratio, you have to take at least 10 kills in each match. The K / D ratio will be calculated by dividing the total number of matches played by the player.

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