The new update of PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 on May 7: Miramar 2.0, Scramble Protection Mode and more

The next PUBG MOBILE update will carry other updates. On May 7, the game will be changed.

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  1. The upgrade version 0.18.0 will soon be eligible for PUBG Phones.
  2. The Miramar 2.0 map is scheduled for the session.
  3. PUBG MOBILE also joins the latest blue field within the playing area.

Another month, another update for PUBG Gaming. Tencent’s royal combat game is set to come out next week with a new update, so a ton is anticipated from the latest patch. The PUBG MOBILE team published an official preview for the 018.0 patch, suggesting several different features for players to experience in the PUBG MOBILE universe. It would include a new car, selling devices (yes, you heard right), new PlayLab types, and above all an improved globe.

PUBG MOBILE’s official Twitter account stated that on May 7 there would be the next big update to PUBG Web. An accompanying preview video reveals several different items that have long been speculated about the game. While the PUBG team is yet to publish the latest stuff list, the next patch has already reached the open beta network, and more multiplayer modes are arriving.

Perhaps the growing change to the game is the modified map of Miramar 2.0. For years now the Miramar desert map was in PUBG MOBILE and it will now get a big update with the 0.18.0 version. Players can meet new distributors that offer painkillers and power drinks to teams.

Miramar would also include a modern pit bridge to hold future auto racing activities. The map would also include a new water environment, which is supposed to be close to Erangel and Vikendi amusement parks. The Golden Mirado vehicle will also be in the game.

Another major gameplay shift would include another blue region inside the accessible protected zone. PUBG MOBILE is now, close to the PC edition of the title, driving players into the playable zone by pushing early into the middle of the playable region, potentially allowing certain players a reasonable chance to live.

The update 0.18.0 will also contain two new gaming modes under the Playlab portion. There is a protection scramble mode coming that will most definitely be close to the Cold Front Survival mode recently launched. The “Jungle Adventure Guide Mode” is also listed when they come to the game, but no detail is available about what this mode would bring.

Previous to that, PUBG MOBILE brought us a PlayLab Cold Front Survival Mode. In this game, players will combat in the typical royal style of war but they must gather wood and endure the cold weather in quick blizzards.

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