Rumors for iOS 14: start date, new features, apps and more

The official launch and all the new features come with the next major Apple software update on your iPhone.

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The WWDC annual Apple developer conference is only weeks away, so soon we can find out what new features Apple has in store for iOS 14 on the iPhone. But there are lots of rumors in the meantime to unpack what we can expect.

In recent months, a number of Apple rumors have reported having received details on early trials of iOS 14, ranging from interface changes to new apps. And although we can not for sure know whether or not such leaks are the real deal or whether the listed changes will even make it to the final iOS 14 build, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Date of launch

If everything goes according to a plan that Apple has not yet implemented, Apple will introduce iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 starting on 22 June. This year the conference will take place virtually but it is still expected to be announced in conjunction with other major software updates at the keynote that usually launches the event.

The announcement was followed up by the release of the developer beta a couple of months later, then the public beta, which released iOS officially in early September during the iPhone launch event.

But the timeline is subject to change this year. It is rumored that the coronavirus pandemic causes production delays for the next iPhone and Apple can have to push back the launch event, together with the release of iOS 14, to October. Apple still has to comment on this.

Home screen updates

The home screen in iOS 14 may look very different. Under 9to5Mac, iOS 14 brings a list view option that allows you to organize apps as a list rather than the current grid view. The Apple Watch already allows you to view apps listed alphabetically, but the most commonly used apps or the number of unread notifications are also available on the iPhone.

Shift in default programs

Since the existence of the iPhone , Apple has made the default choice for its own preinstalled apps like Maps and Music. This may change in iOS 14, because rumors suggest that Apple might enable you to instead choose apps from third parties: Spotify instead of Apple Music, Google Maps or Waze in place of Apple Maps or Chrome instead of Safari.

The Apple Message app is rumored to take a look at the messaging apps like Slack and WhatsApp by adding a @ symbol before its name to allow you to mention certain people in group chats. The app would also include an option, according to MacRumors, to delete a message when a message is already sent or mark as unread with an email. We foresee a new set of emojis and new tricks for Animojis and Memojis.

iPad-like features for multitasking

iOs 14 can also bring iPhone multitasking features. Apple Leaker Ben Geskin posted a Twitter video of what this would look like on an early version of the operating system on an iPhone 11. Since then, people have replied that it’s just an actual jailbreak update, not an iOS 14 app. Apple is rumored to launch an iPhone 12 Max with an even bigger screen than the current Max, which would take advantage of more features like iPad, although we won’t see it in this iOS version.

New Safari features

Siri can translate words and sentences already, but iOS 14 will allow you to translate text on your phone. According to 9to5 Mac, Safari gets identical conversion powers as on Google Chrome and helps you to switch between languages with the click of a mouse, even without mobile phones or Wi-Fi. The report also mentioned that it may also be available on some other Apple apps.

Safari can also be provided by Apple Pencil with the option to press and scroll and take notes or markup sheets.
More options for accessibility

Once again, another 9to5Mac article discusses an accessibility app that helps you to turn sounds like an alarm ringing or even a baby crying into haptic feedback for people with hearing loss.

A New Mobile Software

There are also two new app rumors with iOS 14. The first is a training app that guides you through various training routines.

According to MacRumors, running, cycling, rowing, training, dancing, yoga and a number of other activities would be included. The app would also be available on Apple Watch and Apple TV. The report says the app is free, but Apple may charge for the service a subscription or add more premium content to a paywall, such as the Apple News Plus.
App Improved Fact

Apple can also develop a new iOS 14 Augmented Reality App. The app, listed in 9to5Mac, will enable you to learn more about the physical product you see in a store without having to search online. The report mentions the Starbucks and Apple Store at the launch, but could also be extended to other retailers.

Compatibility Compatibility

All rumors to date suggest that iOS 14 is compatible with all iOS 13 devices. This is good news for people who use older devices, since previous iOS updates excluded older iPhone and iPad models.

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