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PUBG Tricks Mobile – Get PUBG Elite Royale Pass For Free | Get Hot Pizza Suit ,Classic Coupon & ₹849 Items For Free


[Arbeits] Get 1 Free Premium Crate:

  1. Open Mobile Pubg and Click on Events page.
  2. Go to Treasure Chicken Choice.
  3. Tap the Chicken Icon at the bottom.
  4. Tap Again and get 1 Premium Crate For Free.

[Working] Get carlo character for free at Pubg Mobile:

  1. Open Mobile Pubg and Tap on Events page.
  2. Complete Relax Daily Missions, and take a Rest Event.
  3. Collect cars and get your cars out as UC character.
  4. Collect UC and Redeem Over Personality for Personality Carlo.

[More] 100 AG Coins + 1 Free Classic Crate:
1 Open Mobile Game PUBG, and tap Settings Tab and Simple.

  1. Link your email address and use your email box to verify your OTP.
  2. In your Inventory, you’ll get 100 AG Coins + 1 Classic Crate For Free.

[Working] Get 1 Free Canon Popularity:

  1. Link given in your default browser first of all. :
  2. Open Mobile Pubg, and copy your ID code for your character.
  3. Enter Given Redeem Code to Popularity Get Free Canon 1000. :


  1. Redeem your code and go to the PUBG Mail Box, and collect popularity from your Gun.
  2. You can give us on our PUBG ID after Collecting Canon Popularity: 5159104546

[Over] Get UMP Skin Free Orange Colour For 3 Days:

  1. Link given in your default browser first of all. :
  2. Open Mobile Pubg, and copy your ID code for your character.
  3. Enter Given Redeem Code to Get Orange Skin UMP9 Free. :


  1. Go to the PUBG Mail Box and collect your Gun Fur.

[OVER] PUBG Tricks – How To Get Iconic Scraps, Silvers, etc.
Tricks at PUBG

  1. PUBG Mobile First Of All Just Available. Now go to the Start Trophy button & click the Tournament Center > Go to the Shop & Play Points
  2. Click on stream as well and play any video and you’ll see a crate box in the center. Earn the reward

Just remember-Place your phone for 2 hours and receive your reward for Stream

[Trade] Get 1 Unlimited Premium Crate

  1. Open Mobile Game Pubg and go to Online Events page.
  2. Go from Event Tab to Extreme Treasure Banner.
  3. Tap Corner Rocket Icon.
  4. Tap on image anywhere and you’ll get 1 free Premium Crate.
  5. Open it, and get an opportunity to win Legendary Products.

[Working] Get Free Silver Fragments, BP Coins & Challenge Bonus Vouchers

  1. Open Mobile Game Pubg and go to Online Events page.
  2. Tap Preferred Tab, and go to Reports Weekly.
  3. Go to the bottom of this page and collect all.
  4. Go to your mail box and get your rewards back. You can collect all this as per your game play every week.

[Over] Get Full Cloth Cool Cat Package For Free (Worth 200 UC)

  1. The first link provided in your default browser is All Open. :

Pubg Redeem Mobile

  1. Tap Register To Get Now, and use your Facebook account to sign up.
  2. Copy and paste your PUBG Character ID, and submit it.
  3. Tap Get It Option, and go to Mobile Pubg Now.
  4. Open Pung mobile game and go to mail box for 10 days and collect your cool cat package worth 200 UC

[Over] Get 2 Popularity Fireworks For Free:

  1. The first link provided in your default browser is All Open. :

Pubg Redeem Mobile

  1. Enter your Pubg Character ID and enter Given Redeem Code in your Account to get Free 2 Popularity. :


  1. Tap the Redeem button, and go to your Mobile Game Pubg.
  2. With 200 Popularity Score each in your Mail Box, you’ll get 2 Fireworks popularity.
  3. You can give it to your friends and he / she gets 200 very good popularity.

[Over] Offer PhonePe PUBG – Get Worth items for free
PUBG Tricks on Mobile

Popular PhonePe Payment & Wallet App is Google Play Recharge Offer running. With every Google Play Recharge from PhonePe, where you can get PUBG products Worth # 849

Google Play Recharge Code Buying Giveaway Benefits
[100]-x Battleground Beret [299]
Coupon = 300 — 999 1 X Classic Coupon = 141
[1000] About 1500 1 X Serious Parachute Racing

  • 1 Classic +495 Coupon
    001501 — 005000 1 X Hot Pizza Suit 00849
    People used to play The Popular PUBG Mobile & Purchasing The PUBG UC From Different Wallets in This Quarantine Time. This is the perfect time to buy the Recharge Coupon because you get the Free PUBG Benefits like Parachute & Pizza Suit as well.

This offer is valid until March 31 , 2020.

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[Over] Get UC Free Worth 200 For Royale Pass Season 12:

  1. Go to your Play Store first of all and then tap on Menu Notification.
  2. Test if you get Google Play Discount Rs.200 for PUBG Smartphone in your Google Account or Not.
  3. Tap Claim Now button and your deal will turn on soon.
  4. Open the mobile game PUBG and go to buy the UC.
  5. Buy UC or any product more than Rs.350 and get it from the same google account with 200 Off by applying Automatic Rs.200 OFF Coupon. Farewell!!

[Over] Get Character Vouchers Wanted For Free:

  1. First of all, Mobile Game PUBG Open and Go to Events Page.
  2. Go to Time Limited, and tap on Wanted: Character Option for Carlo.
  3. Tap Share Carlo button and Don’t Just Tap Save to Phone.
  4. Tap Save to Phone option and complete the Mission.
  5. Now complete the mission for today and the same for tomorrow and get 60 UC Carlo Coupon For Free.

[To] Get 3 Free Popularity Bikes:

  1. First and foremost Open PubG Mobile Redeem Page From Here. :

Öffnen Sie hier

  1. Open the PubG Game and copy your ID and Paste character in Above Page.
  2. Enter Issued Code of Redemption. :


  1. Check your details and tap the Redeem button.
  2. Check your PubG Inventory, and get 3 Free Popularity Bikes.

[To] Get Permanent Uniform, Skin M416, Scraps Free:

  1. First of all, your Phone’s Open PUBG Mobile game.
  2. Then go to the Time Limited Events tab and tap on the Sankranti Kites Festival option.
  3. Now tap from the bottom on Get Once Option.
  4. Complete daily missions and dice collect.
  5. Roll the dice and get your favorite items as luck would have it.

[Over] Get the M416 Skin Free Orange Color (3 Days):

  1. First of all in your default browser, All Open Given Link. :

Open this option

  1. Enter your Mobile Character ID of PubG and use Given Redeem Code. :


  1. Open Mobile Game from PUBG and go to Mail Box and collect your fur.
  2. Enjoy this stunning M416 Skin for 3 days!!

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