No grass PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 file download: All you need to know

  • It is advised that a more thorough look be taken at legal ramifications of using the No grass file update in PUBG Web.
  • This will not be done because it may draw a lifetime ban from Tencent.
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PUBG Mobile is one of the mobile games most frequently played. However, the tentation to be the best among the game ‘s peers has led many to do something unethical. Another of them is to change the texture files in the game to delete the grass.

What’s no PUBG Mobile grass 0.18.0?

No grass PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 mod is one that hides the grass texture, providing an unfair advantage to a player. Players that use vegetation to conceal or sleep can readily be seen outside as the vegetation is gone. This is illegal to use and any such use would lead to Tencent Games being permanently barred.

Is the no grass mod functioning?

The no grass mod worked perfectly before the update to 0.18.0. But now after the update, the textures of PAK files were updated.

This texture update from PAK patched no grass mode and the game version mod doesn’t work. Tencent Games is taking aggressive steps in support of many other game creators trying to contain the malware problem, to eliminate hackers in the environment.

There are several videos demonstrating that the mod file fits well on various platforms. But most of them are not real, or the mod is running on the older PUBG Mobile version.

Is the use of mod files legal?

The use of mod files is an immoral way to illegally take advantage of other files and is thus illegal. Any use of the modified game file in PUBG Mobile is not allowed. It will lead to a permanent ban on Tencent Games, which has an unfair edge in its denial policies against any hacks or mods.


Also in the future, if modes operate, it is strongly recommended that we not use the same because it is unethical to use them and this may lead to lifelong prohibitions.

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