Mobile free redemption codes published by PUBG for June 2020

The PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes are used to access the latest, most exclusive and unique items.

PUBG Redemption Codes can be used to win amazing bonuses in a quick process.

The new, special and most popular clothes are purchased from PUBG Smartphone redemption codes. Redemption codes can also aid in getting skins and emotions in PUBG Mobile. There are many other ways to get these items, but the best way for free users is to redeem codes in the game. PUBG Mobile announced a few redemption codes last month, some of which are still in operation and others are revoked.

We will, therefore, be presenting an updated list of mobile redemption codes for June 2020 for AKM glacier skin, golden pan skin, legendary outfits, and much more.

A new feature called Redemption Center has been added to PUBG Mobile Corporation’s office website, whereby you can redemption unique skins with free PUBG Mobile Redeem codes. All you have to do is enter your ID and redemption code for the in-game. You get free skins on your page if you win.

Here is a list of updated PUBG Mobile redeem codes:

  • SD14G84FCC (code to get a free AKM Glacier skin)
  • JJCZCDZJ9U (code to get a free Golden Pan skin)
  • UKUZBZGWF (code to get free Fireworks)
  • TIFZBHZK4A (code to get a free new Legendary outfit)
  • RNUZBZ9QQ (code to get a free Legendary Vehicle skin)
  • GPHZDBTFZ (code to get a free UMP9 Gun skin)
  • 5FG10D33 (code to get a free Falcon pet)
  • SD16Z66XHH (code to get a free Scar-L Gun skin)

We suggest that all the codes be reused as soon as possible. Below is the method of redeeming these codes.

In June 2020, how to Retrieve Free PUBG Mobile Codes?

It is time to retrieve the codes on the internet once you get them. Here are the steps to resolve these free PUBG mobile codes.

Step 1: Click on this button to guide you to the PUBG Mobile Official Redemption Center.

Step 2: Copy the character ID and paste on the same page from your in-game profile. The character ID is displayed in PUBG Mobile above your profile picture.

Step 3: Click on the redemption option and the free item is sent to you through in-game messages. Then the redeemed item can be activated in the inventory section.

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