How to find and update Walter Black App For PUBG Mobile Hack?

What Is Walter Black App And How To Download It For PUBG Mobile Hack?

PUBG Mods allow players a ton of interesting features over the original PUBG Mobile app. Read on to learn what is the Walter Black app and how to download it.

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As PUBG Mobile remains popular with gamers, more and more users are looking for a variety of ways and tricks to get more functionality and benefits from the game. Although some choose to level up by playing the game wisely, other users tend to use hacks and mods to achieve and unlock the game potential. Many hacks like Aimbot, Wallhacks, Speedhack and many more exist.

What’s the Walter Black application?

There’s also a PUBG mobile mode called the Walter Black App that has gained massive popularity among PUBG mobile supporters. It is a fan-made version of PUBG Mobile that provides a number of advantages over the original version, while enabling users to get money, although the Walter Schwarz app is not recommended because it is not considered stable. You may also be barred from PUBG by using Mod, so it is best not to use it on your main account. If you want to check out Mod to see how it works, you can simply build a new account.

Walter Black download

The download and installation steps for the Walter Black PUBG on your phone are

step 1: go to the File Manager of your phone and click on Android. Open OBB and pick ‘com.tencent.ig’

Step 2: Change folder names in “com.tencent.ig1”

Step 3: Return to Android and open the ‘information’ folder in the File Manager.

Step 4: Update the folder name to ‘com.tencent.ig2’

Step 5: Now uninstall the original version of the PUBG of your computer and download the Mod version from the connection to install it here.


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