Officially announced: Everything we know here: PUBG Mobile New Map ‘ Livik ‘

The fifth and first special map will be available in the classic mode for PUBG Mobile.

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Credit : PUBG mobile

We published a new world last month that is only available for PUBG Mobile. While we are still shaping the map, the game was released in the beta version with the theme of “hidden cities.” We also had a chance to try out a lot of YouTubers gameplays. Today we have an assurance that the game will be called ‘ Livik. ‘

The official announcement from PUBG Mobile was made several hours ago and that the new map is about to come. The release date is not certain, but it seems quite obvious that the launch date arrives with the new Season 14 at the next 0.19.0 update. Through downloading the latest beta version of PUBG Mobile you will try the map before the official release. Remember, however, that the beta map is not completed, and you will encounter several glitches.

The diagram is like a bridge between all the graphs. There is therefore snow on the top right, a desert area on the bottom left and most of the remaining trees and grasslands. It was speculated that the map could be renamed ‘ Fourex, ‘ because all four maps were included. Yet it doesn’t seem to be. Nevertheless, it does not look as big as Erangel or Miramar, and can be a 2×2 kilometer map making it the smallest in the classic mode.

The topography was substantially and well updated, while buildings and houses were also reworked. This map also covers common vehicles such as motorcycles, UAZ, buggy, etc. Also, a new monster truck is added that can essentially drive over nearly everything including blocks. The addition of waterfalls on the map also includes some new water physics. In addition a bunch of loot boxes are available in various pieces of the map, most of which are loaded with a kitted weapon with a size, extended magic and foregrips. Expect the addition of new weapons, including the SPAS 12 and the MK12.

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