If you haven’t, Microsoft would only give you a reason to switch to edge from Google Chrome

The automatic profile update is expected to occur with Microsoft Edge 83 by mid-May.

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Microsoft’s Edge web browser has gradually gained popularity since Chromium was adopted as its base earlier this year. So much so that Mozilla Firefox is now tipping in global share of the market, at least with regard to mobile and Tablet users. Now, Microsoft adds a new feature that should allow more users to switch between work and personal accounts. The client can handle multiple profiles automatically with Edge 83.

Automatic Profile Switching detects if you try to visit a site that you normally visit from your work profile, but instead this time you are using your personal profile – and Microsoft Edge prompts you for the detection. If you answer in the affirmative, Edge automatically switches to that specific website. Both profiles and data are also synchronized across devices depending on which accounts you sign in with, for instance, on your desktop, laptop and tablet.

“We hope this will help you maintain the distinction of your work and personal data, and help you access your work content more smoothly. If it doesn’t fit for the flows, you’ll be able to choose “Don’t ask me again,” says Avi Vaid, Microsoft Program Manager at Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge now has a 6.44% share of desktops and PCs, according to research from Netmarketshare, while Firefox is not far ahead with an 8.21%. It’s still a way to reach Google Chrome, however, with 68.06 percent share.

Profiles are not simply about separating the website you normally visit from your personal time, which is intended for work. This function is very useful. You may also be able to separate several working profiles, which can allow you to take care of different tasks. By selecting the profile icon (usually your user account) in the Edge window and setting a default profile, you can manually switch profiles. It may be useful if you have a laptop, such as a tablet or iPad at home, that you mostly use for personal navigation and do not want to use the work profile by mistake instead.

At this time, the automated profile switching is scheduled to take place with Microsoft Edge 83 by mid-May. That is to say, if you aren’t bold enough to try one of the beta builds at that time – while we advise you to refrain from working and browsing if Edge is your primary web browser.

Microsoft Edge has been applauding the development of a Chromium-based web browser that is far lighter on the device than Google Chrome, providing robust privacy protection that does not compromise performance. If your PC slows down due to Chrome, you can only want Microsoft Edge setup and spin.

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