Google AdSense Starts Site Reviews Again after COVID-19 & More Changes

We announced several weeks ago that Google stopped making AdSense publishers ‘ site assessments because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ok, Google appears to have backed things up with these site reviews from AdSense. Two new modifications to AdSense were also announced this week by Google; global ad settings and Adsense experimental changes.


AdSense Approving New Sites After COVID-19 pandemic:

Sunny Ujjawal has published a new edition of AdSense advertising on Twitter, which Google has sent, “Your site is now ready to display ads.”

Other New AdSense Changes After COVID-19 pandemic:

  • In Google the Advertising tab in AdSense has just introduced a “International Settings” tab. This is your new home for ad settings at your account level. Initially, Google changed the configuration for adjusting ad sizes here.
  • To make it easy to track and operate on current experiments, Google has revamped the project interface. Google also switched the “Auto-Experiment” option to the experiments page to the “Auto-Optimize” option.

Update: Some publishers claim that because of COVID several sites have not yet received approval:

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