Edge ads appear in Windows 10’s search as Microsoft continues to push its browser

Microsoft recently started showing the Edge ads on Outlook for Web.

Microsoft really wants you to switch to Edge(Microsoft) | Credit ; Microsoft

Microsoft continues to promote the usage of the Edge software for Windows 10 users Edge advertisements are also included in Windows 10 queries.

Once you click on the search icon, Microsoft displays the “New Microsoft Blanket” prompt. Together with the “New Microsoft Blanket” download icon, it says “The new Microsoft Blanket was designed to offer you the best platform in your business.”

In the Search area, WindowsLatest first recorded the first edge advertising.

Microsoft has not implemented this suggestion for using Edge software with its services for the first time. Last week several people posted in the Outlook site that they were seeing the Edge client ad. However, consumers have the choice of removing the ad. The ad was shown to Chrome client users who accessed Outlook’s site.

Since accepting Google’s Chromium, Microsoft has revamped the edge software. The change led to Microsoft’s slicker Edge by added Chrome-like functionality to it.
The Google Chrome browser is one of the most famous. Often common are alternatives including Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Vivaldi. Edge has a momentum as well. According to the March study from NetMarketShare, Edge overthrew Firefox to be the second most popular web client.

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