APK download link and step-by – step guide PUBK mobile global version 1.1 beta update for Android:

  • Finally, the very hoped-for PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta is out.
  • This release can be played and bugs / glitches recorded.
APK download link and step-by - step guide PUBK mobile global version 1.1 beta update for Android:
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PUBG Mobile developers have launched a trial version before any update to allow players to test out new features and also fix any potential bugs or failures. The next update, i.e. the version 1.1, has been released and some new features were added. The game was also improved with a new Metro Royale mode.

Click here to study the patch notes of the beta that were posted a few days ago on the Discord server.

In India, it is prohibited for the users of the country to download the games (disclaimer: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite ban in India).

PUBG Mobile global version 1.1 APK download steps for Android

You can download the latest beta of the game’s global version using the APK file, and there is no need for the OBB.

PUBG Mobile global version 1.1 beta update APK download link: Click here

The APK’s size is 1.4 GB, so you must ensure that sufficient storage space is available on your device before downloading it.

Follow these steps to download and install PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta:

Phase 1: The APK from the above links to download.

Phase 2: If you haven’t already activated the update, allow ‘install from unknown source option.’

Phase 3: Look up the APK file and instal it. Login to the guest account after this process has been completed.

Now, before they are introduced in the actual game, you can test the new features.

As the beta version of the global version of PUBG Mobile may not be stable, it has bugs. You may then report them to developers to patch them.You can report the problems in the PUBG Mobile Discord server feedback area. To enter the server, please click here.

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