A fight for a job? Register in Microsoft EY & Coursera free courses to improve your skills.

Companies are offering free courses in the post-Covid economy to help job seekers.

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Many schools and companies have made online classes free to help the unemployed find new work opportunities.

With the coronavirus pandemic endangering millions of jobs, many universities and companies offer free online classes to help the young find new jobs. Here’s a handful.


Consultation and Accounting Firm EY yesterday announced that it would offer an online master’s degree for all its 284,000 global employees. The UK – based company is working with the Hult International Business School to give its team a chance to gain a fully virtual master’s degree in business planning.

The degree offers specialty classes in artificial intelligence, automation of robotic processes and sustainable business practices.

“We believe that the skills of people in EY and their ability to serves customers are a differentiating factor as the world continuses to manage and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic” declared Carmine Di Sibio, EY ‘s global chairman and CEO.

“The EY staff should be able to improve the management actions and technical capabilities that help create a healthier working environment with this new professionally qualified credential.”


Last month, the Coursera on-line learning platform announced that, until 30 September, it had been offering 90% of its online student classes for free. Current graduates, graduates and graduates will be granted access to 3,800 lessons, 150 guides, 400 specializations and 11 certificates.

Students are allowed to enroll in services before 31 July and must do so by 30 September. As a bonus, the number of courses students can register is unlimited.


Microsoft announced on Tuesday a global new initiative to provide free education to applicants who wish to acquire digital skills in order to create on-demand jobs in a Covid-19 post-economical environment.

This low cost program combines Microsoft and its subsidiaries, LinkedIn and GitHub data and educational contents and includes video courses covering everything from basic digital education to advanced technical knowledge. This program includes access to cost – effective certifications.

Jobs seekers can also sign up for specialist training on roles such as software developers or financial analysts, depending on their skills.

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