Valorant 1.01 Update Patch Notes: Sage nerfs, Spike Rush changes and performance updates

Valorous patch notes for the 1.01 update are out, and with some minor changes in gameplay and performance it looks like Sage is going to get a nerve in this patch-its Orb barrier range decreases.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Okay, we didn’t think we ‘d release a new Valorant patch too soon. The official launch for the game was only a few days ago, and Riot appears to be releasing the game’s first patch already.  

The Valorant Patch 1.01 isn’t exactly big and it comes with a few small gameplay improvements that deal primarily with Sage and put her package into line.

During version 1.00 of Valorant, Sage was able to manage plant sites aggressively with its Barrier Orb cast. The Orb had an extremely long cast range of twenty, which Riot wants to reduce to ten.  

In addition, the new Spike Rush game mode, along with the Sage changes, will have some new gameplay added. Currently, each Spike Rush game has 5 randomly chosen Orbs-one supreme Orb will remain constant, but the majority of the four will shift randomly.

Let ‘s examine in depth all changes in Valorant’s patch 1.01.

Gameplay and Balance in Valorant


Map patches in the 1.01 patch

Spike Sprint trend

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