PUBG MOBILE advises players not to damage vending machines in Mad Miramar: Here’s why

The new Mad Miramar vending machines come with a player-damaged beacon alert. This could attract enemies’ attention.



  • Team PUBG MOBILE advises players not to damage vending machines.
  • Damaged computers can sound an alarm, notifying nearby enemies.
  • Vending machines may use team tactics to score more kills.

The recent update to PUBG MOBILE introduced a few gameplay changes, the biggest being the updated Miramar map. Named Crazy Miramar, the latest desert map has new battle positions and a track for some vehicle activity. Miramar also got new vending machines delivering painkillers and energy drinks to players in the middle of the match. The PUBG team now has some valuable details.

If you’ve tried Mad Miramar, you need to know vending machines vary the number of goodies for different players. Your squadmates may end up with multiple energy drinks or painkillers, while you may end up with one after repeated attempts. This could obviously frustrate you in the middle of a heated match and even lead you to attack.

The PUBG MOBILE department guides you. If you attempt to strike the vending machine with guns, an alarm sounds automatically. This gives your location to nearby enemies, who may take this opportunity to win more kills in their favour. So you and your squad could unexpectedly be surrounded by enemies on all sides.

However, not inherently a detriment. If you gathered several kills in a match, the vending machine could help you set up a perfect trap. Your squad can set up comfortably and enemies can pour in from all directions once you start the beacon alert. This could benefit if you have a plan to leverage this chance.

Vending machines are located across the Miramar map, and players can use it to their advantage, depending on the squad’s location and skillset.

Miramar also won a Golden Mirado, a new open-top car in gold coat. The Golden Mirado spawns as one entity in every Miramar match and can be found in various locations. If you want to flaunt during the match, the Golden Mirado is a great way to do that. You can also try the race track with your team to jump across dunes and cliffs.

PUBG MOBILE’s latest version also activated the new Blue Zone mode, which continues to shift the blue zones for more interactive gameplay sessions. The 13-hour Royale Pass Season also went live with new toy-themed missions and rewards.

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