New PUBG Mobile 2.0 game likely in development by Krafton

PUBG Mobile has more than made its mark in the battle royale genre on the mobile platform. Over the past few years, the title has undergone unparallel development and become a household name.

Millions of players around the world daily play the game, and its mass appeal can be traced to the royal combat experience it offers. The gunman has also contributed

There’s some fresh, exciting news for PUBG Mobile fans globally

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Obviously under Krafton growth

A study by MTN, released in November, reported that South Korean corporation Krafton Inc. is apparently in full swing designing a new battle royal title.

On 30 November 2020, a source familiar with Krafton’s situation told MTN:

“From the first half of last year, PUBG has been developing a new mobile game, ‘Project XTRM.’ It is likely to be the concept of PUBG Mobile 2.”

The source added:

“There was a team that was preparing a new PC/console platform for the ‘PUBG’ IP in Krafton, and this team was transferred to PUBG at the beginning of last year.”

“We are in full swing, but if the game is successfully developed and completed, it is highly likely to be named PUBG 2.0′.”

Project XTRM is well-known to the producer Park Min-Gyu. He then became the in-charge of designing PUBG’s low-end PC version, PUBG Lite, and then ‘Project XTRM.’

Player IGN, a stable PUBG data miner, claims Krafton runs on PUBG 2.0 and PUBG Mobile 2.0. He also said the game could be cross-platform through PCs, consoles, and mobiles.

Note: The statements and other details used in the article have been translated from Korean. Hence, some particulars could get lost in translation.

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