How to play PUBG Mobile offline without Internet

PUBG Mobile is a game which is often played online, but for those with restrictive data packs, there is a solution for you.

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PUBG Mobile is one of India’s most famous royal fight games. A key element of its appeal is the free play of the game. It is available on Android and iOS mobile phone platforms.

Just like any other royal fighting game, this game can force the player to land on a huge island, scavenge weapons and eliminate other players. However, PUBG Mobile provides impressive graphics and thought-provoking tactics to use during the game.

These kinds of royal fight games usually require a strong Internet connection to play them. However, we will demonstrate a way to play without connecting to the internet. Oh, that is real! That is true!

Step by Step guide to play PUBG Mobile Offline

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This guide was created by Gaming Tashan so that players can play PUBG Mobile even if they are not connected to the internet. Note, though, that this method only works with new mobile phones. Though your mobile device is obsolete, these measures may not work for you.

If an update is pending, first update the PUBG Mobile app before proceeding with the next steps.
(If you have already updated this step, you can ignore it)

Put your phone in ‘ Aeroplane Mode ‘ and dial # 4636 # * # in the dial pad for your phone. (Make sure that your mobile phone has at least one sim card)

You’ll come to this page once done. Click on “Phone Details 1” here and turn on the “Mobile Radio Control” alternative.

Watch. After that, click on ‘ more ‘ and you will receive an option called ‘ Enable Data Link. ‘ Select it, then return to your home screen.

Lastly, start the game. PUBG Mobile can now be used without the internet.

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